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FACT: Heat pumps are now recognised as renewable energy technology alongside Wind Turbines and Solar Panels.

Following changes to EU legislation during December 2008, the European Parliament, for the first time, recognised heat pumps as renewable energy technology.

We have at our fingertips, the means of heating without burning a fuel. Electricity is used only to mobilize or 'pump' heat: heat latent in the atmosphere which, like the air we breath, is available to us for free.

FACT: 1kW of electricity pumps up to 5kW of heat (in or out)

The use of this concept not only protects the environment from needless waste, but also drastically reduces the users heating costs and carbon footprint.

FACT: 1kW of electricity recovers upto 16kW of heating or cooling.

Heat recovery ventilation, powers in fresh air, heated or cooled by the outgoing stale air.

At Aircare, we exploit technology for the conservation of natural resources. We propose sustainable solutions which provide a more effective working ambience with less environmental impact.

exploiting technology for the conservation of natural resources.